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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a lush, green lawn.  But in order to achieve that dream, your grass requires a steady, reliable supply of nature’s most precious resource- water!  That’s where RainCheck Irrigation comes in.

From startups to maintenance and repairs to winterizations, the RainCheck team has you covered.  And here’s something novel: we make the whole process EASY for you.  You can book a service call, review your service history, pay your bill, and communicate with us - all online and 24/7. 

You deserve to work with a professional irrigation team that can make your “perfect lawn”  dream a reality.  But you also need a trusted partner who’s responsive, organized and fits your busy lifestyle. So isn't it time to get into the RainCheck “flow”? Let's talk!

Do you dream of a lawn that’s so vibrant and healthy that it looks like the cover of a gardening magazine?  Well, let's get started!

Let RainCheck Irrigation make your dream lawn a REALITY.